XRP Witnesses Whale Activity Amidst Market Decline

Today, XRP, the digital asset closely associated with Ripple Labs, has captured the attention of investors amidst a broader downturn in the cryptocurrency market. The price of XRP experienced a notable decline, reaching $0.56, marking its lowest point in the past two weeks. Data from Santiment feed reveals that XRP holders collectively incurred losses totaling $25.67 million since yesterday. The price of $XRP fell today, dropping to $0.56, its lowest point in two weeks. @santimentfeed data shows that XRP holders have collectively lost $25.67 million since yesterday.#Ripple #XRPCommunity pic.twitter.com/sLRlt6HqZF — 山丨ㄥㄥ Trader_Kamikaze 🇧🇷 🤘 (@trader_kamikaze) April 3, 2024 Whale activity

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Vintage Bitcoin Vaults Awaken — Over $41M in BTC Moves After 11.7 Years of Slumber

On Friday, March 29, 2024, an early bitcoin enthusiast who acquired their holdings in 2012 transferred 100 bitcoins, valued at approximately $6.98 million, at block height 836,813. Roughly 42 blocks later, at block height 836,855, another individual, or possibly the same entity, relocated 500 bitcoins from a wallet established on July 13, 2012, now estimated […]

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Avalanche to Launch Web3 Voucher Program on Alipay

The smart contracts platform Avalanche recently said it is collaborating with the Chinese payments giant Alipay to launch a Web3-enabled voucher program. The second phase will see the proof of concept being expanded to more than 100 million users from Southeast Asian countries. Web3-Enabled Vouchers Avalanche, a smart contracts platform, has said it is working […]

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Tax Authority Slated to Become Main Crypto Regulator in Russia

Tax Authority Slated to Become Main Crypto Regulator in RussiaRussia’s tax administration is going to be tasked with overseeing the crypto industry in the country, a high-ranking government official has indicated. According to the regulatory concept that’s currently under consideration, the revenue service will also serve as an entry point for market participants. Russians to Report Crypto Holdings and Transactions to Their Tax Service […]

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