Massive Sleeping Bitcoin Wallet From 2013 Moves 750 BTC After 11 Years, Valued at $48M

With bitcoin prices declining by 3.7% in the past 24 hours, a dormant bitcoin wallet, created on May 20, 2013, or just over 11 years ago, moved 750 BTC, valued at roughly $48 million at current exchange rates. Vintage Bitcoin Wallet From 2013 Transfers 750 BTC Amid Market Dip On Thursday, a wallet that began … Read more

MARA Adopts ‘Full HODL Strategy,’ Surpasses 20,000 BTC Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings, now known as MARA, has announced a strategic shift to hold all its bitcoin, pushing its current holdings beyond 20,000 BTC. The company has also made a $100 million purchase of bitcoin as part of its new treasury policy. Marathon Digital Rebrands to MARA, Boosts Bitcoin Holdings MARA (Nasdaq: MARA), a leader … Read more

Bitcoin Surges Past $68K, Boosting Perpetual Futures Activity And Holder Profits

Bitcoin prices have rebounded strongly, soaring above $68,000 and sparking a surge in perpetual futures activity. This significant appreciation in price has provided much-needed relief for the Short-Term Holder cohort, with 75% of their coins now held in profit. #Bitcoin prices have rebounded strongly, rallying over $68k and catalyzing an uptick in perpetual futures activity. … Read more

Proton Launches Self-Custodial Bitcoin Wallet: 100 Million Proton Mail Users Can Now Receive BTC via Email

Proton, known for its privacy-focused services including the popular Proton Mail with over 100 million users, has launched Proton Wallet, a new self-custodial bitcoin wallet. “If you are one of the millions of people who have a Proton Mail email address, you can now automatically receive bitcoins with your email address,” said Proton’s CEO, adding … Read more