Stonex Bullion’s Analyst Predicts Gold Increase Due to Heightened Political Confusion

Gold prices are poised to rise due to the current political uncertainty in the United States, according to Rhona O’Connell, head of market analysis at Stonex Bullion. This comes as economic indicators suggest potential changes in monetary policy. Stonex Analyst Rhona O’Connell: Gold Poised for Gains Amid U.S. Political and Economic Changes In recent weeks, … Read more

Summer Consolidation to Precede US Election ‘Fireworks’ in Crypto Markets, Says QCP Capital 

Despite several bullish indicators, including a significant bitcoin purchase by Microstrategy and optimistic projections by notable figures, bitcoin’s price action remains subdued. Market analysts at QCP Capital shed light on the underlying factors contributing to this paradox. Bullish Signs Clashing With Market Realities In its market commentary, QCP Capital mentioned how Microstrategy expanded its BTC … Read more

Report: Bitcoin Market Lacks Upward Momentum Amid Weak Demand

Bitcoin continues to trade near a crucial price level, with the downside appearing limited but a lack of bullish momentum evident. The leading cryptocurrency stands around the $65,000 to $66,000 mark, a critical onchain realized price that could either support the price or signal a correction, according to the latest analysis from Cryptoquant researchers. Cryptoquant: … Read more