What We Have Learned From The Altsbit Hack

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TheMerkle Hacking Sex RobotsLast week Altsbit, a centralized crypto exchange based in Italy, announced that it had been breached, and it would be closing down after losing most of the user funds it held, including BTC, ETH, ARRR, and VRSC. Even though a small part of the funds stored in cold wallets was left untouched, the hack effectively ended the life of the exchange, which was only a few months old.  In total, the funds lost included; Bitcoin (BTC): 6,929 lost out of 14,782 held, Ether (ETH): 23,210 lost out of 32,262, Pirate Chain (ARRR): 3,924,082 lost out of 9,619,754, Verus Coin (VRSC):

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