PR: aXpire Acquires BlockchainWarehouse (BCW)

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aXpire Acquires BlockchainWarehouse (BCW)aXpire, a leading blockchain fund solutions company, has announced the acquisition of BlockchainWarehouse (BCW), a blockchain accelerator and leading token sale product developer. aXpire has made the acquisition to bolster the strength of its in-house blockchain talent and add a new product offering to its technology suite. BlockchainWarehouse offers a crypto-to-crypto gateway that aXpire has rebranded as “CoinBX” (pronounced “coinbox” or “coinbox blockchain exchange”), which will allow aXpire to offer AXPR purchases directly through its web applications, Resolvr and MatchBX. Clients will be able to buy AXPR with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether through a simple button on each product. This AXPR will be made available from existing tokens sold through exchanges.

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