PR: 1+1>2 – Justin Sun Acquired BitTorrent

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1+1>2 - Justin Sun Acquired BitTorrentFew people know about the two failed attempts made by BitTorrent, former P2P leader, to transform itself into a media company after its decline from the height of BT download. Obviously, though once a technological game-changer, BitTorrent is no longer a favorite of the Internet industry. Its rebirth backed by Tron drew a period to its past decade of adversity. Now in a new jack of the classical Internet, Tron is also turning a new page.

A week before Tron’s mainnet launch, the news that Justin Sun and his blockchain startup acquired the developer of BitTorrent, a decentralized P2P protocol, for USD$140 million drifted across the Pacific. For a long time, BitTorrent has been looking for a buyer. It finally made the decision to join Tron, a star project in the rising tide of blockchain technology.

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