MyEtherWallet “Rebrand” A Hoax: Taylor Censoring Reddit as Damage Control?

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rebrandMyEtherWallet (MEW) is one of the most well-known wallets for cryptocurrency, and has had a flawless reputation thus far. Now a whole controversy on censorship, a potentially fake “rebranding” is in the works as the MEW team has splintered. A Social Media Takeover It all started when MEW co-founder, Taylor Monahan (AKA “tayvano_” on Twitter and “insomniasexx” on Reddit) left the MyEtherWallet team to create her own new version, MyCrypto. The controversy started when she announced MyEtherWallet has rebranded to her new product in this Twitter Post, to the surprise of creator and co-founder, Kosala Hemachandra (“kvhnuke_” on Twitter and “kvhnuke” on

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