China’s Largest Cryptocurrency NEO invests almost $3m in the PKCs of PikcioChain

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pikcio chain logoLausanne, Switzerland: In a major new partnership announcement, Pikcio AG, the creator of PikcioChain, has announced that NEO Council has purchased 660,000 of the PKC tokens made available during the PikcioChain pre-ICO. This significant investment demonstrates the confidence that one of the blockchain world’s major players has in PikcioChain technology and the utility of its PKC token. Following the purchase, PikcioChain has also taken the decision to move the PKC token standard interface from ERC-20 to the NEO EP-5 format. Pikcio & NEO in partnership This investment also supports the beginning of a larger partnership. NEO will now offer PikcioChain’s

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